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Upgrade Options

Sinks, Stoves,Microwaves & Fridges

(These are special order only (not in stock), please call or e-mail for pricing.)

* Upgrades cost extra &
prices vary,
please call or
e-mail us for
pricing and availability.


Shown with Sink, Stove-Top (& more).

Camper Pkg page 74 Cabinets Stove oven microwave sink Window CG6511 CG6392 IMG_1171.jpg

Shown with Sink, Microwave (& more).

Cabinet Sink Stove Top Bathroom Window.JPG

Shown with Sink, Stove (& more).

Camper Pkg page 74 Cabinets Fridge Sink Bathroom Vinyl floor walls ceiling   IMG_1169 CG65

Shown with Sink, Fridge (& more).

Cabinets Sink Window White Vinyl walls ceiling  IMG_0868.JPG

Shown with Sink, Microwave (& more).

Cabinets Fridge Bathroom Sink Stovetop Aluminum walls ceiling Vinyl-floor Windows Sofa-Bed

Shown with Sink, Stove, fridge
Fantastic Fan / Vent 
(& more).

Cabinet Microwave Window Stovetop  Vinyl walls   IMG_0685.JPG

Shown with Microwave (& more).

Cargo Mate MotorCycle Pkg. Drawing.jpg

Motorcycle Package with Drawing.

Bed Fold Down Cabinets Fridge Sink Window Vinyl Floor.JPG

Shown with Sink, Fridge, Windows,
Fold-Down Beds  
(& more).

Bed Pop Out Tent Vinyl walls ceiling floor Cabinets Windows Fridge Sink.JPG

Shown with Sink, Fridge, Fold-Out Tent Beds,
Cabinets, Windows 
(& more).

Cabinets Sink Stovetop White Vinyl walls ceiling   IMG_2397.jpg

Shown with Sink, Stove-Top (& more).

2020 Cargo Mate Forest River Gooseneck Toy Hauler.jpg

Motorcycle Package with Drawing.

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