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Upgrade Options

Rubber Floor & Ramp Liners

(please call or e-mail for pricing.)

* Upgrades cost extra
and prices vary, please
call or e-mail us for
pricing and availability.

Cabinet Rubber Coin Floor Escape Door Eliminator Elec Converter 40 inch LED Lights Ramp Li
Kick Plate 12 in..JPG

Shown with Rubber Coin
         Floor & Ramp Liner
(and more).

Shown with Rubber Tread Plate
aka "RTP" Floor Liner (and more).

Cabinet Fender Box RTP Carpet Walls 3ft Ramp Extension Subfloor spare.jpg

Shown with "RTP" Rubber Floor &
Ramp Liner, Fender Cabinet & more.

Flooring Rubber Coin Spare Mount Cabinet Front Ramp Helmet Cabinet Driveover Fenders Alum

Shown with "RTP" Rubber Floor & Ramp
Liner, Front Ramp, Cabinet & more.

Rubber Coin Ramp.JPG

Shown with Rubber Coin Floor &
Ramp Liner, Cabinet, Spare & more.

Cabinet Aluminum Walls Screwless carpet closet 110v Elec radio rubber floor.JPG

Shown with Rubber Coin Floor,
Carpet Wanescotting, Cabinets & more.

Cabinet Alum Walls Wanescotting E Track Window Winch Sub Floor Spare Compartment LED Panca

Shown with "RTP" Rubber Floor & Ramp
Liner, Window, Cabinet & more.

Cabinets Rubber Tread Plate Floor Vinyl Walls E Track Recessed Wheel Chocks 12v LED Ramp L

Shown with "RTP" Rubber Floor &
Ramp Liner, Cabinets & more.

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